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Public Records Sites

Listed below are over 650 state, county, city and federal (court) URL's where you can access public record information for free. This list does not contain complete URLs for state occupational licensing boards or registrations.

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State Sites

County/City Sites

Federal Courts Sites

RACER - Free, For Now

Most of the online access systems (such as PACER and RACER) charge $.06 a minute to access. However, there are a handful of courts that offer their own online access at no fee and a few RACER courts that have not converted to the $.06 fee. Please be aware that some the courts listed below use RACER and may convert at anytime to a pay system.

Searching Electronic Filed Federal Cases
Electronic Filing of documents is becoming more widespread. The following federal courts offer electronic filing for law firms and practitioners. Keep in mind that searching is available ONLY for cases that were filed electronically NOT all cases.

A word of caution to those of you who professionally search and/or use public records. Some of these sites will not offer the same thorough and conclusive results as a hands-on search. The above links are provided as a convenience. Diogenes LLC does not guarantee nor warranty the information provided by any of the above sites.

If you find a new site or broken link, please click below and e-mail the webmaster.To learn more, you may contact us by telephone (203.264.6802) or via email.

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