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These links access sites or web pages that may be of interest to you.

CT PI Laws
Newly revised laws enacted on October 1, 2009.

Diogenes LLC cases in the news
Press reports of our investigations.

On-line Public Records Sites
Over 12,000 on-line public records sites.

The Phone List for Skip Tracing
Inside telephone contacts for banks, credit card companies, employers etc. to help locate individuals.

The Library: Whitepapers, Information & Forms
A collection of Investigative, Security & Loss Prevention information.

Client Tools
Recommended software programs for clients.

State Sex Offender Registries
Listing of State Sex Offender Registries

PI Agency Listing
A free database of PI Agencies who have a website presence.

Investigative Axioms & Thoughts
A collection of axioms and quotes relevant to the Investigative Profession.

Who was Diogenes?
A brief biography of Diogenes.

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